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McKeel Hagerty
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McKeel Hagerty

  • Grow by 14,185% Like Me: How I Transformed My Tiny Insurance Co. into an Industry Dominating Membership and Media Co. with $1B in Annual Sales

There are few industries more boring, “old school” or than insurance. McKeel Hagerty knew that. What he did about it, will shock, awe, and inspire you to take your business to greater heights. In what is one of the greatest business growth and transformation stories in history, McKeely  how he transformed a “mom and pop” insurance agency with $7 million in sales to a market dominating membership and media company with over $1B in annual sales. WIth the take aways that he will share you will forever rid yourself of the commidity trap that your business may be in

When McKeel took over his parents small business, he started in marketing. Seeing no limitations on what was possible, he completely re-imagined the business from insurance to membership and media. Specifically, McKeel Hagerty was laser focused on making Hagerty the #1 resource for collector and classic car owners around the world.

Innovation and marketing is at the heart of everything McKeel has done. To start, he re-imagined the mission of his business, not to provide insurance, but to “SAVE DRIVING.” Appropriately, their company tagline is “For People Who Love Cars.”

Working with a team of software developers, Hagerty created the first web-based valuation tool. Today, Hagerty Valuation Tools ® are used universally throughout the collector car industry.

From there, he built “the Airbnb of Collector Cars” called Hagerty DriveShare® where you can share your collector car with others or drive the collector car of someone else. Hagerty Driver’s Club™ is a membership offering for lovers of classic cars that includes everything from roadside assistance to exclusive events and member discounts. Hagerty’s media arm now includes a magazine, video studio, and more.

Insurance is a commodity, and there is lots of competition. McKeel Hagerty has strategically and systematically put his company in a “Category of One.” McKeel’s knowledge and enthusiasm have given him a reputation as an authority within the automotive industry, representing the classic car community on numerous boards and advisory groups, and appearing regularly as a commentator for ESPN, SPEED, CNBC, and Discovery. He is the youngest judge to serve at the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and has continued in that role for over 10 years.

McKeel is also a Co-Founder and General Partner in Grand Ventures, a company that invests in innovative emerging technologies for Midwest industries and works with companies raising their first institutional round of funding.

Since 2000, he has been a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), the premier global leadership organization for more than 27,000 chief executives and served as the Chairman of the Board from 2016 to 2017. He sits on numerous boards and advisory groups and appears regularly as a commentator for ESPN, SPEED, CNBC, and Discovery. 

This is a must attend session to learn first hand how to transform and re-imagine any business and create it into a membership, media and software powerhouse.

Look for McKeel’s New Book, Boundless: A Guide to a Flourishing Life In a Disoriented Age. (ForbesBooks).

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