Darcy Juarez – Growth Summit 2019
Darcy Juarez
Speaker Profile

Darcy Juarez

  • Almost Alchemy: Make Any Business of Any Size Produce More with Fewer and Less
  • Customer Cloning: How to Multiply and Clone Your Best Customers
  • The Fast-Track to Starting an Information Marketing Business
  • Info Marketing Lessons Learned at the Feet of the Master

Darcy Juarez has spent the last 11+ years creating some of the most successful marketing systems in the direct response marketing world. Gaining her national attention and accolades, Darcy’s marketing systems have increased revenue by millions of dollars while reducing time to purchase. She has led entrepreneurs of both small and large businesses to implement Magnetic Marketing systems and build out and automate entire attraction, conversion and retention systems in 90 days or less.  She is a passionate and motivating speaker and an expert in Direct Response Marketing and Automation who is widely acclaimed for her ability to take complex ideas and make them simple, easy and automated. Darcy will show you how to put everything you discover about attraction, conversion, and retention during Growth Summit together. Her practical strategies will leave you with powerful tools and a plan you can use immediately—giving you the necessary resources to grow your business instantly upon returning home from Growth Summit.

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