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Find out how to scale your business and/or create a 2nd or3rd income stream while creating more time freedom at the No B.S. Growth Summit. Get proven paint-by-numbers systems you can implement right away.
Denver, CO Oct. 24-26

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Annual Pass Growth Summit 2019 & SuperConference 2020


Registration for annual pass includes:

  • Registration for Growth Summit 2019, held annually mid-late October/November
  • Registration for SuperConference 2020, held annually mid-late April
  • Unedited recordings of SuperConference and Growth Summit in Digital Products Portal
  • Registration to one Magnetic Marketing Fast Implementation Bootcamp of your choice

Growth Summit

Held annually in the fall, the Growth Summit is where the top business growth experts gather to exchange ideas, network, and trade strategies. Growth Summit focuses on scaling your primary business and/or creating ancillary/adjacent businesses connected to your primary business or based upon your unique industry or market.

This is for you if:

  • You are tired of trading hours for dollars.
  • You want to create a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th stream of income alongside your original business.
  • You want to scale your business.
  • You want to create, build, achieve and leverage authority quickly to strengthen attraction of your ideal customers, clients or patients, increase your price or fee elasticity, sell at zero resistance and gain a competitive advantage.

You’ll learn how to sell your valuable expertise from people who know the secrets to profitable storytelling, celebrity guest speakers, best-selling authors, hugely successful info-marketers and entrepreneurs, and Magnetic Marketing founder Dan Kennedy.

Plus, Growth Summit is devoted to Advanced Magnetic Marketing® – Magnetic Marketing on steroids! Advanced Magnetic Marketing is used to prevent commoditization and “Amazonization,” achieve profound differentiation and magnetic attraction, and protect your prices and profits. In a show and tell fashion, you’ll hear from brilliant, successful members who have built 7-figure, 8-figure, 9-figure businesses. From butcher, baker, candlestick maker, realtor, insurance agent, financial professional, interior decorator, doctor, lawyer, home services, B2B vendor and more, this is for you.

Find out how to scale your business and/or create a 2nd or 3rd income stream while creating more time and freedom at the Growth Summit. Get proven paint-by-numbers systems you can implement right away.


Marketing & Money-Making Superconference

Held annually in the spring since 2003, the Marketing & Money-Making SuperConference is where the top marketing and sales experts gather to achieve business breakthroughs that transform lives and businesses. Each year, the SuperConference brings together businesses of all kinds in hundreds of categories, such as lawyers, doctors, dentists, finance, retail, fitness, realtors, authors, speakers and consultants. They all share the common goal of generating more leads, making more sales and increasing profits.

You’ll discover a wide range of topics such as attracting and driving traffic, building wealth, copywriting, direct mail, sales strategies, leadership, building authority, speaking, raising your prices, lead generation, conversion, referral strategies, and much more. You’ll also have the opportunity to get answers from some of the most brilliant minds in marketing during our Q & A’s with experts most don’t normally have access to and compete for top prizes.

Ready to receive detailed formulas for business growth from self-made millionaires and billionaires? At SuperConference World Class speakers share insider, can’t-miss information on marketing and money-making designed to grow your business that you won’t find anywhere else.


Young Entrepreneurs Teen Event

There are skills kids need, regardless of whether they start their own business, that aren’t being taught in a traditional school curriculum. And the truth is, kids are capable of earning a lot of money NOW before they even start college. Money that can help pay for things they want such as their college tuition, a car, and more.

This unique hands-on program for your kids 13 to 18 years of age is being led by Dwayne Farnsworth and Bryan Durkin, long-time members in the No B.S. Inner Circle community, will give your teen a SOLID grounding in direct response/business principles they can use the rest of their lives. Dwayne is the managing partner at Farnsworth Law Offices and President and Executive Director of Entrepreneur Campus Inc., a non-Profit dedicated to the entrepreneurial education of American Teens regarding small business, finance, and other work-related adventures. Duane teaches teens about money, how to get a job and excel in the workplace, how to freelance work, and how to start, manage, and run micro business ventures through interactive workshops and experiential business labs. Bryan Durkin, a marketing consultant in the top 10% in the country, is also is a leader on the world steering committee for the longest continuous operating entrepreneurship program in the U.S., INCubatoredu, which provides authentic, rigorous curriculum for entrepreneurship education for approximately 10,000 elementary, middle and high school students each year.

During this fun and engaging event, teens are divided into groups where they will act as Chief Marketing Officers to put together a true No B.S. Style Marketing Campaign to help launch a product. With personal one-on-one assistance and feedback from Dwayne, Bryan and their team of successful business-owner experts & coaches, your teen will discover how to:

  • Start, Market and Build their own company – with lessons ranging from branding, copywriting, website design, video creation, list-building and more.
  • Launch a company – including what they need to know and think about when starting a new business and how to pick a niche.
  • Apply what they’ve been taught to build a marketing campaign using No B.S. Marketing Principles.
  • Expand their thinking and develop a mindset that will help them monetize their knowledge and experiences, so they can live a life of their own design.
  • Write a business plan with key elements such as financing, market analysis, & pricing.
  • Create a marketing plan that produces measurable, actionable results.
  • Develop an irresistible sales pitch.
  •  And much more!



  • Where is my receipt?

    Your receipt will be in your confirmation email from event@nobsinnercircle.com with the subject line: YOUR ANNUAL PASS EVENT CONFIRMATION! Or YOUR GROWTH SUMMIT CONFIRMATION! If choosing to purchase the single pass. If you cannot find it and need another copy, get in touch with us at support@nobsinnercircle.com

  • Which option do I choose for registering a guest?

    If you are bringing your spouse to the event, you can choose the registration ticket that includes “Spouse” in the title at the $497 pricing. Make sure that you provide their full name in the registration.

    If you are bringing your business partner, key/1099 employee, choose the registration ticket that includes “Business Partner” in the title at the $897 pricing. Make sure that you provide their full name(s) in the registration.

    Should you need to cancel or change the name of your guest, please email us at support@nobsinnercircle.com

  • How do I cancel my pass?

    Sometimes things happen, and our team completely understands! Should you need to cancel your registration, you have 30 days from the time of purchase to cancel your pass for a full refund. If you need to cancel your pass, get in touch with us by replying to your registration confirmation email or email us at support@nobsinnercircle.com

Travel & Hotel Reservations

  • Can you send me an invitation letter?

    Although we cannot assist with helping to retain a visa, we are able to provide an invitation letter for your travels to our event. If you are traveling abroad to attend our events, it is your responsibility to confirm if you need a visa and to retain one. Our team is unable to provide any advice or assistance.

    However, we are able to provide an invitation letter confirming your attendance to our event. To receive a letter, you must be registered for either our Growth Summit 2019 Single Pass, or our Annual Pass to all of our events. You can get in touch with us by replying to your confirmation email, or reaching out to support@nobsinnercircle.com with the exact name that appears on your passport.

    If your visa is denied, we are unable to make any changes to our cancellation policy, however if you’d like to transfer your ticket to another person, you are welcome to do so. Get in touch with us at support@nobsinnercircle.com

  • Is there a room block for the event hotel

    We have discounted room blocks for Growth Summit 2019. Our Growth Summit 2019 Hotel Room Block Rate is at $159/night (our discount can save you hundreds of dollars per night, you’ll want to take advantage of this!).

  • How do I book my hotel room?

    In order to book your room, you’ll need to be registered for either the Growth Summit 2019 Single Pass, or purchase our Annual Pass. You will be unable to book your hotel room before registering — this is to ensure that our limited supply of rooms under the room block is only being used by attendees.

    After registering for the event, you will receive the hotel and details on how to reserve your room in your confirmation email for the event. If you cannot find this email, please reach out to us at support@nobsinnercircle.com and we’ll make sure to get the details over to you as soon as possible.


At The Event

  • How do I pick up my badge at the event?

    You will be able to pick up your badge at the event during our registration times (the evening before the event starts and the morning of). When you arrive at the event, your first stop should be to check-in and get your badge. We will send email details closer to the event to let you know where this area will be.

  • What do I wear?

    There’s no specific dress code at our events. Most attendees arrive in business casual, but you’re welcome to dress up (or down) as much as you want. Make sure you also dress for comfort as well. It is also a great idea to wear or bring extra layers, as the session rooms are heavily air-conditioned (and it will not be changed).

  • What about food?

    Lunches will take place between 11:45 AM and 1:15 PM, and breaks for dinner will typically take place between 6:30 PM and 8:00 PM. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be on your own, unless you register for a Sponsored Lunch or Dinner hosted by one of our fantastic Vendors.

    No B.S. Inner Circle|Magnetic Marketing Diamond Members, Coaching Members, and Magnetic Marketing Advisors will have access to our Diamond Lounge, which will serve breakfast and snacks throughout the event, and will be invited to join us at our Diamond Reception and will be served hors d’oeuvres and drinks.

    Coffee, tea, and small snacks will be served during breaks.

  • Tell me about the Roundtables & Marketplace.

    Our evening Roundtables & Marketplace Receptions will allow you to meet with other like-minded entrepreneurs, forge connections and partnerships, and allows you the opportunity to grow your business with new ideas while creating lasting friendships. During this time, you’ll also have the opportunity to participate in our Roundtables, which are hosted by small business marketing experts. Think of these as 20-minute brainstorming sessions, where you can pick up a wealth of knowledge or tips for your business covering topics like copywriting, list building, lead generation and conversion, what’s next in social media and digital marketing, plus much more!

If you have any more questions about the event, reach out to us at event@nobsinnercircle.com today!

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